Communal cleaning services London by Flatclean

Communal cleaning services london

At Flatclean, we offer a complete communal cleaning service to our clients who entrust the cleaning of their premises to us, safe in the knowledge that we use the most modern equipment and have skilled staff who are completely trustworthy and reliable.

Having the right cleaning staff is vital in getting the job done to the highest standards. That’s why, at Flatclean we invest in all our staff through training and personal development. We provide our staff with written cleaning instructions detailing precise instructions as to what is required.

All sites are personally visited by our management team while our cleaners are working, to check that standards are being maintained and clients complete a monthly satisfaction form, ensuring that we are constantly improving our service. No matter how large or small your home or place of work is, each of our clients receive the same personal attention.

In short we ensure that the job is done right and within your budgets, Why not give us a call for a competitive quote.